POPUP is a spare, cozy, easily reconfigurable retail space hosting curated food concepts and events.

Special Events

  • The Picnic Basket on Pacific!

    Monday - Friday from 11:30am-3pm

    The Picnic Basket is now in residency downtown at POPUP for lunch Monday through Friday from 11:30 am until 3pm. The menu features three entree salads, a daily soup, and several of the most popular sandwiches from The Picnic Basket on Beach Street. Full menu and online ordering coming soon!

  • La Sofrita

    Oct 2016
    - 5:30pm -

    La Sofrita is a nascient Puerto Rican food venture, born from my absolute love of the food I grew up eating, and from my joy in sharing this awesome food with others.  La Sofrita takes its name from sofrito, the mix of finely blended vegetables and herbs that serves as the unique base for many Puerto Rican dishes.   My mom likes to say that you can make a piece of cardboard taste good if you cook it in sofrito.  Sofrito makes it way into many of my menu items.

    Anna Deraco of La Sofrita will do her POPUP debut on Saturday, October 8th, from 5:30 to 9pm.  The night’s menu will feature Puerto Rican garlic mojo chicken, beef and shrimp empanadillas (a thin-crust empanada in the Puerto Rican tradition); along with achiote rice,pinquinto beans (habichuelas rosadas), and an avocado, tomato, cucumber salad with a homemade cilantro-garlic-anchovy vinaigrette.  La Sofrita prepares her food using generations-old methods of cooking, including hand-pounding her garlic mojo paste in a traditional pilón and maceta (mortar and pestle), and imparting color to her rice by first gently stir-frying it with achiote-infused olive oil.

    La Sofrita is a Puerto Rican food venture, born from my love of the food I grew up eating and my joy in sharing it with others. It is the food that feeds my soul. La Sofrita takes its name from sofrito, the finely blended mix of herbs and vegetables which serves as the unique base for many Puerto Rican dishes.  My mother, a native of Old San Juan, likes to say that you can make a piece of cardboard taste good if you cook it in sofrito. In Spanish, sofrito means “gently fried,” and la sofrita translates as “the gently fried one,” or “the gently fried woman.”  I feel sofrita myself, in the most delicious way, when I can spend my days in the kitchen, listening to merengue music — the music of the island — and cooking this delicious food that connects me to my mother and the mothers before her.  It is an abundant blessing to be able to share it with you.

  • My Mom’s Mole

    Nov 2016
    - 5:30pm -


    Cesario Ruiz of My Mom’s Mole will do Friday evening pop up featuring his signature mole sauce served with chicken, pork or tofu tacos and sliders paired with a locally sourced cactus and kale salad.  My Mom’s Mole was named Best Mole, People’s Choice at the 2015 Mole & Mariachi Festival at Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park. My Mom’s Mole is in the Guanajuato style and is more savory with a bit of heat at the back of the palate.  This recipe was created by Cesario after watching his mother make mole and seeing all of the different ingredients she used. The cactus and kale salad is another creation of Cesario’s that has an acidity and tartness that balances well with the flavorful mole. Cesario believes that food can be responsibly sourced while retaining its cultural authenticity. He looks forward to sharing his spin on classic Mexican fare with you. The counter service style event begins at 5:30pm, December 11. Vegetarian and gluten free options available.

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  • Jeepney Guy… Filipino Lunch!

    Nov 2016
    - 11am -

    Dennis Villafranca aka the Jeepney Guy is doing his first dinner pop up event in Santa Cruz on Friday January 29. He calls it Atypical Filipino Food. He will be featuring Boneless Lechon, his version of a traditional Filipino whole roasted pork, but made with the best parts…the belly! Served in a telera roll with garlic mayo, bitter greens and some of his soon to be famous homemade lechon sauce, it’s porky deliciousness! Since it looks like rain this Friday, he will also be serving up some hot Arroz Caldo- Filipino rice porridge spiked with ginger and garlic.

    About Dennis Villafranca: I love to eat. I love to cook. I love to share what I cook. After working 12 years as a corporate slave driver, I was done. I walked away from a promising future and decided to cook for a living! I’ve never looked back. My boneless lechon represents all of the trial and error, practice and research I spent cooking for friends and family. It took years for me to get the crispy skin right. After that, I was ready to go public! Working Pop-Ups and Festivals lets me cook for a variety of people as we work on our goal of opening up our own little place.
  • Efi’s Dutch-Indo – Lunch!

    Nov 2016
    - 12pm -

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