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Special Events

  • Hanloh Thai Food

    Jan 2017
    - 5:30pm -

    HANLOH ฮัลโหล believes in making one perfect Thai dish at a time! We want to bring justice back to Thai food, we stay away from canned curry paste and super sweet stir-fry. We are focusing on the comfort and vibrancy of Thai street food. HANLOH is hosting its first event at Hey POP UP on Friday January 6th! They will be introducing food from Northern Thai region such as kaeng hung leh (pork belly curry)and kaeng pak kad (tamarind based curry).

    Social Media:

    @HanlohSC #HanlohSC

    Facebook page: www.facebook.com/hanlohSC

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/hanlohSC

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/hanlohSC

    Website: www.hanloh.com


    Kaeng hung leh แกงฮังเล: pork belly, ginger, caramelized shallot, rice, peanuts

    (contain shellfish and peanut, gluten-free) $12

    Kaeng Pak Kad แกงผักกาด: mustard green, tamarind, green papaya, rice, pickles, mushrooms (vegan) $10

    Lemongrass and Ginger Tea $2


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  • #Repost @hanlohsc
We are going to be here until 9 tonight! Come get some Thai food! @hey.popup

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