POPUP is a spare, cozy, easily reconfigurable retail space hosting curated food concepts and events.

Special Events

  • Kickin Chicken

    Every Thursday from 11:30am - 2:30pm
  • My Mom’s Mole: Mole Dogs

    Aug 2016
    - 5:30pm -

    My Mom’s Mole has reimagined the classic chili dog. Our mole dogs are made with sausages from Corralitos Market (Cheezy Bavarian or Turkey Andouille) and are garnished with Asiago cheese. As a side option, we’ll have our Southern potato salad.

    Vegetarian and vegan options will also be available.

    Doors open at 5:30pm and we anticipate selling out by 8 pm so don’t miss out!

    POPUP has counter-style service with limited seating.

    My Mom’s Mole was named Best Mole, People’s Choice at the 2015 Mole & Mariachi Festival at Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park. My Mom’s Mole signature recipe is in the Guanajuato style and is more savory with a bit of heat at the back of the palate.

    My Mom’s Mole is one of the 30+ locally-owned businesses that operate out of the El Pájaro CDC Commercial Kitchen Incubator in Watsonville. Read more about the kitchen incubator and its many businesses here:http://www.gtweekly.com/index.php/santa-cruz-news/good-times-cover-stories/7355-kitchen-of-dreams.html



    1108 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

  • Companion Bakeshop: How the cookie crumbles…

    Aug 2016
    - 5:30pm -

    Companion was created in 2006 with the help of a supportive community and out of the love of hearty sourdough. In the early years Erin spent long days in the kitchen hand-mixing all of the dough, baking, packing and working the farmers markets. The work of those long days was made lighter by the many hands of many friends. It seemed no one owned Companion, it was led by the few of us that had the vision to see it through. You could say that Erin was the last one standing —literally with dough up to her elbows. Early relationships were formed with local farms to put lofty loaves of sourdough in CSA boxes and slowly a solid, loyal customer base was built. Today we still see the faces of our first customers. Companion thrives now because of this great foundation. In 2010 Erin & Jeremy found a home for Companion and opened the Bakeshop doors on the Westside of Santa Cruz. Much to their surprise the Bakeshop has been greeted with happy lines of customers that come back every day. These days, Companion is still run as a family; meaning the business has grown from 2 people to over 20 employees. We still can’t believe it! Our employees are the butter to our bread. They have become the soul of Companion. Together, we work hard for our community, our food system and our love for turning great ingredients into delicious pastries and sourdough breads.

    Companion Cookies
    Chocolate Chip $3 each or $15 for half dozen
    Chewy chocolate chip cookie made with both organic Tcho and guittard chocolates
    Oatmeal Pecan Cranberry $3 or $15 for half dozen
    A hearty oatmeal cookie featuring dried cranberries and chopped pecans
    Classic Sugar $3 or $15 for half dozen
    This cookie has buttery crisps edges and a perfectly chewy center
    Earl Grey and Lemon $3 or $15 for half dozen
    Our classic sugar cookie with the addition of earl grey tea and fresh lemon
    Rosemary Lavender Shortbread $2 half dozen for $12
    Our buttery crisp shortbread cookie featuring Route 1 Farms fresh
    rosemary and lavender.
    Dark Chocolate Sea Salt $3 or $15 for half dozen
    Instead of a round little cookie, it is now flat and formed with more consistency. We promise it’s the same size and we also promise that we added more chocolate!

  • Keep Calm & Curry On

    Sep 2016
    - 5:30pm -

    The Great British ‘curry house’ was popularised by Bengali immigrants just as the British were starting to get over their war rationing induced fear of flavour. What started as a cautious adaptation for British palettes has now become a flourishing cuisine of its own and ‘going for a curry’ is a traditional British pastime. Standard Curry house dishes are named with little regard for their original Indian counterparts (if they even exist) and each restaurant is distinguished not so much by its menu but by its own particular ‘curry base’ sauce.

    We hope you like our version, which has a particular emphasis on black cardamom for a smokey flavour. Our chicken tikka is baked in a wood fired tandoor oven before being added to the curry and our base sauce is made from local seasonal vegetables. We buy our spices through a local merchant before roasting and grinding them ourselves for all our marinades, sauces and dips.

  • Tanuki Cider + Apple-inspired Tapas

    Sep 2016
    - 5:30pm -


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