POPUP is a spare, cozy, easily reconfigurable retail space hosting curated food concepts and events.

Special Events

  • Kickin Chicken

    Every Thursday from 11:30am - 2:30pm
  • Yoli’s Tamales

    Jul 2016
    - 5:30pm -

    Yolanda Ruiz, creator of Yoli’s Adobo, returns to POPUP this Saturday and will be featuring her signature adobo served as chicken, beef and veggie tamales with Spanish rice and salad.

    Yoli’s Adobo brings the unique and authentic flavor of Mexico right to you in a sauce using all natural ingredients. Yolanda looks forward to sharing her culinary skills with you which got its start when she was a young girl and started cooking with her grandmother.

    Yoli’s Adobo is one of the many growing food businesses that operate out of the El Pájaro CDC Commercial Kitchen Incubator in Watsonville.

    1108 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

    12799098_10153885429474831_4730227811066317460_nYoli's Tamales

  • Friend In Cheeses Jam Co.: Pop That Tart

    Aug 2016
    - 5:30pm -


  • Keep Calm & Curry On

    Aug 2016
    - 5:30pm -

    The Great British ‘curry house’ was popularised by Bengali immigrants just as the British were starting to get over their war rationing induced fear of flavour. What started as a cautious adaptation for British palettes has now become a flourishing cuisine of its own and ‘going for a curry’ is a traditional British pastime. Standard Curry house dishes are named with little regard for their original Indian counterparts (if they even exist) and each restaurant is distinguished not so much by its menu but by its own particular ‘curry base’ sauce.

    We hope you like our version, which has a particular emphasis on black cardamom for a smokey flavour. Our chicken tikka is baked in a wood fired tandoor oven before being added to the curry and our base sauce is made from local seasonal vegetables. We buy our spices through a local merchant before roasting and grinding them ourselves for all our marinades, sauces and dips.

  • Vixen Kitchen: Paleo Vegan Gelato

    Aug 2016
    - 5:30pm -

    Sundara Clark was born in a tee-pee. Not on a Native American reservation in the southwest, but in a late 1970s, tie-dyed-in-the-wool hippie commune in Northern California.

    When you hail from such simple, earthy roots, it’s pretty much written in the stars that you’ll be different. Like one of those people writer and naturalist Henry David Thoreau waxed poetic about in his little cabin in the woods. You’ll “go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

    And Sundara did.

    No, she’s not a park ranger or tee-pee enthusiast. She’s a mom who refused to deprive her daughter of the everyday-kid-rite-of-passage that is the ice cream cone.

    “When I found out my daughter Gigi had a dairy allergy, I was so bummed for her. I felt like she would never be able to enjoy an ice cream cone on a hot day. So I started concocting frozen desserts in my kitchen like a mad vegan scientist.”

    Yes, she checked the shelves at her local natural foods market first. She wasn’t looking to re-invent the frozen dessert wheel. But—guar gum and tapioca maltodextrin? Not for her kid. She’d have to make it herself.


    IMG_0007 IMG_0068 IMG_0196 IMG_9880 VixenKitchen-65

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